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£175 OFF INTRO OFFER :  2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 Duo" Aero Wheelset
£175 OFF INTRO OFFER :  2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 Duo" Aero Wheelset £175 OFF INTRO OFFER :  2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 Duo" Aero Wheelset £175 OFF INTRO OFFER :  2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 Duo" Aero Wheelset £175 OFF INTRO OFFER :  2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 Duo" Aero Wheelset

£175 OFF INTRO OFFER : 2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 Duo" Aero Wheelset

Supply and Fit a Cassette

RRP: £430.00
Our Price: £255.00


INTENDED USE: General road riding, Sportives, Tri & TT.

This is are our upgraders "Do Everything" wheelset. Bladed Aero spokes, sealed bearings & great styling choices and built with our trademark "DUO" spoke pattern).




Offered With Full 1 Year Warranty Plus A 14 Day "No Quibble Returns Policy" - If You're Not In Love With These Wheels The Moment You Get Them Just Send Them Back For A Refund Any Time Within 14 Days Of Receipt.

The K1-33 Duo is the latest highly specified stage in the evolution of our best selling wheel ever! We've been selling the K1-33's for 11 years now and it improves each year. Commissioned to our own design, It is one of 2 factory wheelsets we produce. We feel the K1-33 leads the way in high performance road/tt/tri wheels at a sensible cost. The K1-33's do whatever you ask of them.

Whether racing, training or even commuting they do the job.

Designed for the new generation of 25mm tyres (they will still take a 23mm tyre too). They are for clincher rims - that is to say that the wheels require tyres and inner tubes rather than the specialist tubulars.


Compared to last years model, they are now hand finished and hand-trued. We are a bespoke custom bike builder and our offer is based on quality products rather than cheap products. We have worked extremely hard to keep the price down to fit within the budget of most riders. The K1-33's are built to our specification and entirely in the EU.

Please note: These wheels aren't for kit obsessives - They are designed to be a good investment and (courtesy of super tough rims and spokes and sealed bearing Formula R-Series hubs) to be used day-in and day-out with no maintainence. To roll very fast but also to take the knocks and to keep on going, sweet and true for years. They have evolved over the years and we feel even more now that there is nothing quite like this aero-all-purpose wheel anywhere in the marketplace.

Deeper section, faster rolling and better finished than many other wheels around the £200-£300 price point, and a damn site more attractive in our humble opinion. Compare them with, Mavic Cosmic Elites, Mavic Aksium Elites and wheelsets like the Shimano RS330  and you'll see what we mean. 

Weightwise the K1-33's compare favourably too, es
pecially when you consider that you are paying only a tiny weight penalty for significantly deeper aerodynamic rims and aero bladed spokes than those offered by the big box shifters! What's more the tiny extra weight is for a reason - Its all in the strength of the rims. And they are strong! 

The combined effect of this essential balance is quite simple: A faster rolling and super tough wheelset . We would argue that the K1-33's convincingly occupy their own unique position!

Super strong deep-section aero rims and new generation stainless bladed aerodynamic spokes cut through the air like a knife to offer blistering speed. We keep spare spokes, freehubs and hubs in stock should you ever need them! In short whether you want to race these wheels, train with these wheels or even commute they are spot on for the job. Aero enough to race, light enough for sportives - without going so light that strength gets compromised. 



  • 33 mm deep aluminium clincher rim
  • NEW Formula R "LABYRINTHINE DOUBLE-SEALED" Sealed bearing hubs
  • 20 BLADED  spoke front (820g), 24 spoke rear (1050g). Weights approx
  • Lightweight  Black anodised bladed steel spokes
  • Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10 and 11 SPEED freehub body
  • Includes quick release skewers
  • Suggested max rider weight: 105kg


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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Alex Thompson from Basingstoke, UK   5 Stars
I'm really happy with my K1-33 Duos. I bought them to replace the stock Jalco rims on my Specialized Allez Sport and the difference in the way the bike feels and rolls has been great. I've also joined a club and have had plenty of favourable comments about how good the wheels look - and most people are extremely surprised by how good the price is. I'm a very happy customer and it has got me out enjoying my bike a lot more! Thanks!!

Reviewer: Saul Chaplin from Altamonte Springs, Florida   5 Stars
I was given some details on Kinetic-One wheels at the 2016 Velothon Wales event last May, and decided to order a set just before Christmas. The K1-33 duo wheels arrived in about 5 working days (I'm in Florida) and I must say I'm really impressed by just how well these roll and feel on the road. Most riding here is done on fairly flat terrain, but we do have some rollers in the centre of the state, and the difference is quite remarkable. I now find myself coasting away from the pack going down hills! These K1-33's replaced a set of Bontrager Race that came on my 5 series Trek Madone, and while they weigh about the same, they are far superior in every respect. I am very happy with them, and would not hesitate to recommend. Well done!

Reviewer: Alan Turnbull from Lancs   5 Stars
I bought my K1 33s some time ago (2010 in fact) and they're still in excellent condition, being used with Dura Ace 9 speed groupset. I've really looked after them as they have me. They now need a bit of a "makeover". Can I purchase new decals for my wheels in stealth colour to change from the red/white I've had on them since purchase? Thank you. PS I've been obsessively involved in cycling for over twenty five years and these are the best wheels of any used on previous bikes. Current bike being a made-to-measure Dolan.

Reviewer: Phil Edwards from Birmingham   5 Stars
Excellent wheels. This is my 3rd set to date and they work and look the business.

Reviewer: Carl Hopwood from Manchester   5 Stars
I've been running my K1-33 wheels since September 2014 for both long weekend rides and the daily commute. They still look as good as new and are rolling perfectly. The wheels are proving to be bomb proof as advertised, built reassuringly well, they remain tight and stiff as the day they arrived. Add the stunningly good looks and you have a fantastically priced set of top quality wheels. So, take the great experience I have had so far with these wheels and add the flawless service Kinetic-One provided in processing my order and delivering (updates by email all the way including the name of the delivery driver and the name of my neighbour who took the delivery as I was out!) and your left with one option. Buy these wheels now! A top end product at bottom end prices supplied by a thorough and professional UK company! What more do you want?

Reviewer: John Ord from Essex   5 Stars
These wheels give such good service, given the conditions I’ve used them under pot holes, floods and really dirty roads and now a total of almost 11000 miles since i bought the K1 bike the wheels were fitted too. (in 2010)

Reviewer: Peter Wilkinson from UK   5 Stars
just thought I would send you a pic of the Carrera after a couple of years on the K1s. Anyway got myself a new bike.........Trek Madone and going to save up for a new set of wheels, yes some more Kinetics from your good self, when I start getting paid again this year, anyway if you want to show people how well they wear........this pic is 4500 miles and they still look new..........how good are these wheels.............1000% better than Aksium's if you ask me.......oh and yes its the same bike, the 105 wore out so I upgraded to Ultegra, so the wheels out live the groupsets........lol

Reviewer: Kelvin from UK   4 Stars
I Bought these to replace the Easton wheels that were supplied with a Ghost road bike I bought at the end of last season. The Eastons popped a spoke every other time I ventured out to the point where its last outing I ended up carrying (as the wheel went that far out of whack it could not be pushed!) the bike 2 miles before I could get a mobile signal, last straw I slung the Ghost in the back of the shed and the summer bike came out early. Living in the somewhat potholed and lumpy Peak district, and being a heavy rider 16.5stone last winter although 14.5 so far, I historically have had issues with wheel-sets although not to the same level as String cheese Eastons. I was swayed by the testaments of heavy riders on Kinetic-One website and so far they have behaved very well, despite inadvertently hitting some nasty potholes hidden on some flooded lanes. Several months on and many rutted and wet miles later they are still running true, only having relaxed slightly leading to a rub when severely prompted out of the saddle Macclesfield forest type of scenario and no more than the Mavic Ksyrium SSC’s on my best titanium bike, which when you consider the price difference makes these a real bargain. Yes they are a bit on the heavy side (dropping a star) but no more so than other wheels in this price range, and in my opinion these look far more expensive. They may even find their way on to the titanium bike next summer. On my experience so far I can recommend them to anyone

Reviewer: Simon from Cambridge   5 Stars
Very pleased with this classy wheelset. I've been using a set of K1 Aeros from 2009 so I knew what to expect when I ordered them and have not been disappointed. These wheels are very light, beautifully put together and really look the part. I particularly like the bladed spokes which I'd expect to find on wheels of a much higher price. When I build another bike (which probably won't be long!) I won't hesitate to order another set. Many thanks for sending them so quickly as well!

Reviewer: Geoff from East Yorkshire   5 Stars
This is the second pair of these wheels I have purchased. First pair has done four hard winters on all the poor roads in the county could throw at them and are still totally true. Good enough to use as race wheels as they are bomb proof. Look great also which is a bonus. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Derekoldman from Derby   4 Stars
Nice wheels, came with a spoke not tightened so wheel went out of alignment on first ride, but Andy at Kinetic was very good and reimbursed the cost of rectifying the wheel immediately. cheers

Reviewer: richard from stoke on trent   5 Stars
Having stumbled upon these wheels after almost purchasing a different more expensive pair i'm really pleased that i found them, not only do they look great with the deeper rims that you could not get without paying alot lot more for but they perform as well as they look, after doing a last ride on my old wheels and the same ride on these K1's i knocked 6 mins off my ride and my free wheeling also improved so i would recommend them to anyone, they also look the business on my bike which is a big bonus.

Reviewer: Mike Marshall from North Wales   5 Stars
Superb wheels for the money, just fit and forget....Ride Ride Ride!!!

Reviewer: Tony from Dorset   5 Stars
Brilliant service from Andy, offered constructive advice via telephone conversations prior to purchasing a set of K1 Wheels. They were delivered in superfast time from actually placing the order. I've been riding for a couple of months with these now and they are an excellent upgrade, stiff and robust, roll beautifully and have added a couple of Km/H to my average speed per HR. They might not have the brand name that some may crave, but for sheer value matched to performance they are superb. Will be building a winter training bike at the end of the summer and wll be putting a set of A1 on that as the other great aspect of the wheels is their robustness.

Reviewer: Larry from Dublin Ireland   5 Stars
To be honest I bought these wheels for my winter ride, as I was after something a little different in looks and feel, after only two 50k spins they were quickly transferred to my dogma, although a good bit heavier than my dura's, there is something strangely appealing about the way the handle gradients , I live close to Wicklow so I am lucky to have the mountains on my doorsteps, although requiring a little more effort on the climb, the smoothness and pace with stability you feel on the descent is phenomenal , trust me, pound for pound you will do very well to better these rims, if I had one qualm it would be the amount of times I have had to stop and click out to let someone inspect them or chat about them. Regard Larry

Reviewer: Mark Popkiss from Wantage   5 Stars
I did a lot of research before buying these wheels (and stumbled across them by accident). I was 17 stone when I started riding on them (down below 16 and counting!), so they are STRONG! I have hit a few potholes and they are still straight and true. They really are a pleasure to ride on and everyone I have ridden with has commented on how well they roll too. My only (minor) niggle is the 'Kinetic2' logo looks a bit odd compared to the general graphical styling on the wheels (which is very good). Overall: Excellent - you WILL NOT find better wheels in this price bracket (and possibly into the next...)!

Reviewer: Paul Floyd from United Kingdom   5 Stars
These wheels are bullet proof. Perhaps not the lightest on the road but that doesn't stop them running true and fast and, while it shouldn't matter but of course it does, they look the business. These have withstood a right old pounding - and even managed to chop a buckled derailleur in half - but they just keep on going. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Nel Fraser from Edinburgh   5 Stars
Good strong solid wheels, purchased for winter training, i have covered nearly 400 miles so far on these wheels and still true and problem free!! Excellent wheels at a budget price with stylish looks to compliment any road bike. Well done Kinetic one, keep up the good work!! Neil Fraser (Edinburgh)

Reviewer: andyb from cumbria   5 Stars
these are excellent wheels , very strong even on our potholed cumbrian neglected roads they have remained very true and smooth to ride on. they look fantastic on my bike as they would on any bike, to be honest i was concerned that they might not be strong enough for me as i am over six foot and 15 stone but they are a really strong wheelset. the wheels are light enough for the hill riding as well and very fast on the flats so they are a very good all round wheelset for the price. the communication with andy and co from the kinetic shop was first class also. i would highly recommend these wheels to anyone looking to upgrade to a decent set of aero wheels at a decent price.

Reviewer: Colin Portwain from Derbys   5 Stars
these wheels are exellant,would recommend to anyone,service was first class ,great company to do business with,the wheels ride as well as they look. colin

Reviewer: Steve P from Norfolk   5 Stars
Great support from K1 during the purchase process. The wheels seem to have shaved time off my regular practise route, and also handled a couple of unexpected bumps in the road so pretty tough too. They do look great which is a bonus. Only had them a few weeks so cannot comment on longevity but all in all a really good value purchase.

Reviewer: peter ammel from wiltshire   5 Stars
These kinetic-One K1 Deep Section Aero Wheels are excellent! I used to suffer often from have punctures as my wheels where pinching my inner tubes if I went over a bump. Now I have the kinetic-One K1 wheels I am able to ride freely with no punctures! These wheels are fantastic to ride on, When they first arrived the I was not sure how strong they where as they have minimal spokes, but they are much stronger than my other wheels even though they have less spokes. They look great on my bike and seem to help whilst riding downhill because of there aerodynamic shape! Kinetic-One are great the wheels came in 2 days and I did not have to pay anything for postage! The communication was great because I was updated and regularly and I could freely ask any questions I needed. One problem though, on the website it does not say the size of the wheels, they are 23 - 25 x700c. Thanks to good communication this was shortly resolved! Thanks!

Reviewer: Tom from Fife   5 Stars
Spot on - Tough and pretty. Many thanks. Thanks for tracking info too. Couriers aren't that reliable in the wilds up here - to know whne parcel was expected was great.

Reviewer: peter creasey from Guernsey   4 Stars
Exceptional value for money, roll very nicely, very silent. They look great on the bike as well. Two reasons not to give them 5 stars: 1) I didn't manage a PB in the Granite Man Middle distance tri last Sept! 2) I can't see or feel anything, but there is a hint of brake judder from my front wheel. I don't think the braking surface is deformed, but equally have no idea why I am getting this judder. However it's not a problem and for the price I paid I am still delighted with the wheels. I use the same bike for daily commute, duathlons and triathlons. Andy also managed to deliver them to me in Guernsey very quickly when my pre Granite Man service identified the need to replace my existing wheels!

Reviewer: Andy Wescott from Barton on Sea   5 Stars
I have covered over 1000 miles on these rims and can only say they are fantastic. The graphics are very stylish and the rigidity is second to none which is very confidence inspiring. They have remained absolutely true, roll very freely and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Reviewer: Russ Hardman from Northampton   5 Stars
An upgrade for a largely novice cyclist, have been very impressed, have had them on my bike for around for 4 months covering circa 500 miles, still running true despite a few potholes, decals not everyones taste but wheels represent good value for money when compared to competitors,, preferred my old skewers, more on looks than anything else.

Reviewer: Chris Watts from Tynemouth   5 Stars
I bought these wheels for my Specialized winter (cyclocross) bike. They're superb. Aside from the fact they look great (I bought the black/white option) and appear far more expensive than they really are, the roll like a dream and have coped really well with the pothole-ridden Northumberland countryside. No punctures so far and the wheels are still as true as they day I put them on the bike. My carbon summer bike has DuraAce C24s. I've no complaints with them, but they they don't roll as well as my Kinetics. I'm now trying to work out how to convince my wife I need a pair of the red/black/white Kinetics for the summer bike. Unfortunately she knows the DuraAce are half decent and cost about 3 times the price of the Kinetics.

Reviewer: Neil Harrison from UK   4 Stars
Excellent set of wheels,sturdy enough to take the pounding of Cheshire tarmac (and potholes) no problem. Light and durable at this price - excellent value. Bling rating - 5/5 really look the D's B's.

Reviewer: Kevin McDermott from .   5 Stars
Had these wheels for 2 years. The wheels have done over 10000miles in that time and remained true. This News Year Day whilst out riding I had a crash when riding through a puddle that turned out to be a 5 feet x 3 feet and 7 inches deep pot hole at over 20mph. The impact caused me to kiss the tarmac and sustain the usual road rash. The impact took out both front and rear tubes and the front wheel to become untrue. At the LBS they were amazed that the wheels had survived such a major impact with such little damage. 2 dents in the rim which were knocked out and the wheel retrued. The wheel is as good as new and rolling out the miles again. The wheels are superb, fab rollers and almost maintenance free. At the price you knock them out for they are a true steal. Just thought I would let you have feedback on the endurance and strength of a truly super product.

Reviewer: Sara Dias-Ayton from Hampshire   5 Stars
Lovely light pair of wheels. Good enough to race on yet the price of a training wheel. Very pleased with these.

Reviewer: Neil Turner from United Kingdom (Norfolk Riviera)   5 Stars
Excellent value for money, quality and looks. The wheels roll nicely, feel very firm and strong with no hint of flex and do look at least twice the price thanks to the modest graphics and bladed spokes. Would recommend them as TT, road or training wheels.