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2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 LIGHT" Wheelset (From 1495 grams)
2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 LIGHT" Wheelset (From 1495 grams)
2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 LIGHT" Wheelset (From 1495 grams)
2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 LIGHT" Wheelset (From 1495 grams)
2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 LIGHT" Wheelset (From 1495 grams)
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2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 LIGHT" Wheelset (From 1495 grams)


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INTENDED USE: Light and tough enough for the hilliest and roughest of Sportives, Fast-accelerating enough for the busiest of bunch races and aero enough to ensure that you gain every possible watt of drag reduction. Ideal for 23c or 25c tyres.

Your wheels will be handbuilt to order here in the UK by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. Turnaround time is 4-7 days!

These are our mainstay mid-range lightweight/ aero ALL-ROUND PERFORMANCE wheelset. They are the most versatile wheels we build - available in a choice of 3 slightly different build options. All at the same price  - one will suit you best and we can help you find that one!

When we say race proven we mean ridden to National Championship victories - such as the National Eliite Super Series Championship by our own team rider Seonaid Thompson.


Offered With Full 2 Year Warranty Plus A 14 Day "No Quibble Returns Policy" - If You're Not In Love With These Wheels The Moment You Get Them Just Send Them Back For A Refund Any Time Within 14 Days Of Receipt.

Available in 3 versions - All the same fantastic price: 

Weighs in at a very light 1495 GRAMS a pair  with race-proven Ambrosio extra light sealed hubs and incredibly light and strong Belgian Sapim Lazer spokes.

For riders up to 85Kg
K1-33 LightAERO
 1695 grams..... A bit heavier but super aero -  with Bladed PSR Spokes on Formula sealed aero drilled hubs.  

For riders up to 95g
K1-33 LightTOUGH  A strong robust and durable wheelset (24/28 spoked)that still weighs in at a very light 1765 GRAMS a pair with race-proven Italian Miche sealed hubs and super strong Belgian Sapim Race Double-butted black spokes and heavy duty black brass nipples.

For riders up to 100kg


See our customer reviews below:

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Weight: 4kg


Based on 12 reviews
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Nigel Todd - Coventry
Bought these as my brother has 2 sets of their (cheaper) wheels (I had to have better ones than he's got of course!) These are simply lovely and i was so pleased when i saw them - and then totally in love with them when i rode them. I've had them about 6 weeks now and they just fly. I'm quite heavy but its like the wheels don't know this! I've never gone up hills so fast. And on the down hills they feel strong and tight - reassuring.
Steve Wilson - Harrogate
I ride lots of sportives and keep being told that my heavy old shimano wheels are not doing me or my nice bike justice. Having decided to upgrade I was very diligent in doing my homework. I came across this company on Ebay and must admit it was the price that grabbed my attention and i was of course a little apprehensive as I'd not heard of them before (and you do worry a bit about ebay still!). I did ask several questions before purchasing and got very full and repaid responses - and quite a bit of guidance to help me choose from their many - too many? - wheel choices. I am over the moon with my purchase and I have to admit that everyone who nagged me to upgrade my wheels was indeed correct. I love them and would recommend them to everyone.
Peter Coughlan - Ireland
The wheels top the build off to be honest. Quote me in any review... "They come up to speed and hold pace superbly, feel controlled in crosswinds and I love their light weight on climbs. They won't be the last pair of Kinetic wheels I'll buy!"
Stuart Goodlffe - Peterborough, England
I bought these wheels after extensive research of other brands - and they build their products themselves, not some mass production factory in the Far East) after having already bought a pair of Mavic ksyerium equipe s wheels that didn't blow me away as a replacement to the stock Shimano RS10s that came with my bike. Anyway after a long and informative conversation with Andy- from Kinetic 1, I decided on the Ultralites. The lightweight and semi deep rims fitted perfectly with what i wanted and the price I could afford. I oredered the wheels trimmed with gun metal grey decals and the look very stealthy and upon opening the box i was really pleased their looks and build quality. Out on the road they spin freely and pick up is great and the cross winds were of no concern at all. I've not had them long enough to make comment on durability but what i can say is that my friend thinks they're a great looking wheel and is saving to replace his rather heavy and less aero Mavic Cosmics. So in summary- I've had great service from Kinetic 1 and received an amazing product at a great price and fully recommend them.
Allan Marsh - Romsey
My Sunday best wheels - never let me down - 8 sportives in the last year and almost most as many training miles as i intended to do. Strong too.
Charles - Derby
Excellent excellent Product and excellent service - though the courier was a day later than I paid for! Though thats not your fault i know. Thanks.
Adam Giles - .
Service = excellent Delivery = well packaged and when stated The product to look at = wheels look the business! To use = admittedly the previous wheels were bog standard but even still the difference was ammence! More speed everywhere, especially on climbs. Avg speed has increased by 3mph! Went from mid table in competitions on the bike leg to now getting into the top 10 percent. With the old wheels I struggled to roll past 60 mile rides and now I've done 100+ ones. With the exception of my bike (which I won't be sending a pic of as although I love it, looking at your gallery, I would feel bad if I saw a pic of mine!) the single best bit of kit I've brought to improve my tri performance and all round biking satisfaction!
Bryan - Singapore
I ordered my ultralights over the web, after considerable helpful advice from the folks at K1. I was NOT disappointed. They arrived beautifully packed, and ready to go. I was taking my first ride within minutes and MAN what an upgrade from the stock Fulcrum 5's that came with my bike. They ride much smoother, but tougher, and seem to hold momentum much more easily. I feel like I picked up 1k/hr from them, but more importantly, my daily ride is more engaging and fun. They are simply a pleasure. I also like the fact that they are "different" from the stock upgrades out there - and they look great. Highly recommended.
Andy Muncie - Watford
Brought these last year but not had them on the bike over winter. Have now done around 300 miles and have to say they are fantastic(which is why they are now on my new bike)for the price and customer service you can't go wrong. 100% reccomend these wheels to anyone.
Merv Clark - Brum
Spot on set of wheels. I use them in sprint tri''s right through to century sportives and they really feel like the right wheels for every job. you never feel you''re losing out. Again i guess that''s the aero and lightweight thing! Tough as old boots. i''ve given them a right lamping on our very knackered roads.