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....£400 Off Intro Offer 2018 Kinetic-One "K1-33 SUPERLITE/WIDE" Wheelset (From 1439gm)

Freehub fitting
Supply and Fit a Cassette
Supply & Fit Tubeless Tyres/valves/ sealant
Supply Clincher Tyres [pair]
Supply me Inner tubes (pair)
Supply / Fit Clincher Rim Tapes
Fit my Clincher Tyres/Tubes
Spoke array /rider weight

RRP: £815.00
Our Price: £415.00


INTENDED USE:  Superlight new style wider rimmed version of our best selling "all purpose" wheelset. Our lightest Tubeless & Clincher wheelset!

Tough enough for the hilliest and roughest of Sportives, Fast-accelerating enough for the busiest of bunch races and aero enough to ensure that you gain every possible watt of drag reduction



Features a superb new wider rim profile compatible with both tubeless and clincher tyres. Slightly wider rims are the future of road wheels. They enable seamless tyre interfaces for max aero gain, they allow for wider tyres for shorter 'contact patch' and less rolling resistance. And to top it all -  they are tremendously comfortable - easing the lower back in the  final miles of those long long rides!

This is the new 23.7mm wide TUBELESS & CLINCHER version of our K1-33 SUPERLITE wheelset. This means it can either be run with the new style tubeless tyres (or can also be run with traditional clincher tyres and inner tubes.) Superbly aero and comfortable too - they will take a tyre from 25c up to 40c width!


We think these are the best clincher/tubeless rims available. A bold claim but every time we build a set of these wheels we get very excited. The balance in the rim is fabulous - and from a geeky wheelbuilder point of view they build up to almost perfectly even tension - with tighter tolerances than any other wheelset we have ever built. From a rider perspective a rounder, truer, faster wheel is the simple result. Sounds basic but this is what wheelbuilders strive for.

Unlike the case with many tubeless rims - tubeless tyres and clincher tyres alike are very easy to fit to these rims. They are beautifully finished, very light, superbly strong and are packed full of the latest rim tech.

The asymmetric rim drilling represents the very apex of the latest developments in the understanding of how to balance forces and tensions in a wheel. The 23.7mm wide rim has fabulous cross-sectional strength whilst maintaining a tiny weight. The rim bed is cleverly profiled to aid the easy fitting of tubeless tyres. It's a joy to be able to partner these rims with CX-Ray spokes (always the peloton pro's choice) with the beautifully made Bitex hubs, with Japanese ezo bearings.

These wheels are extremely well priced we feel - sitting at about £100 less than our entry level carbon wheels. And thats the point perhaps - They are the very highest end alloy wheel we produce and are just full of top quality parts - and still cost less than the start point for carbon wheels. Ok some people have just got to have carbon ... we get that too .. but these are certainly a superb option to consider with a raft of benefits in every department.

Tubeless can be run at lower pressure than clinchers and this helps provide a more comfortable ride and it also eliminates the possibility of pinch flat punctures (caused from hitting potholes etc.) It's also the case that by filling the tubeless tyre with a sealant such as STANS you can pretty much avoid all punctures forever more - even if you ride over glass or a nail sticks right through your tyre. Just remove it and the tyre will reseal around it!  We recommend Schwalbe One Pro Tubeless tyres. Schwalbe are of the mind that the future is tubeless. For their very detailed assessment of all things tubeless, see: http://www.schwalbe.com/gb/tubeless.html​

Utilising top end spokes (Sapim LAZER, RACE or CX-Ray) and rims and hubs means we can get weights down to a very small number:

The CXRAY/Bitex 6-drive hub version from  1459 
GRAMS a pair (undecaled) (that's 1459 grams for campag version, and 1469grams for shimano/sram).

Or upgrade to the superlight RaF10/Raf12 version to save 20 grams more! For an ultra-modern wide wheelset we think that's pretty incredible. 


Handmade at Kinetic-One in Gloucestershire, utilising top quality build components.
  • RIMS: - 24mm wide TUBELESS READY Aluminium welded 6005
  • SPOKES: 20/24 or 24/28 Front R & Rear cross  - Sapim, Race, Laser, CXRay Aero,  spokes
  • HUB:  Range of Sealed Bearing hub optionns  - right up to Bitex 6 Drive superlight
  • QR: Forged aluminium black. (Supplied with all hubs except Bitex)
  • FINISH: black rim with polished silver braking surface
  • WEIGHTS:  
    CXRAY SPOKES /Bitex RAF10/12 hubs: 1439grams (campag) 1459grams (Shimano/SRAM)
  • CXRAY SPOKES /Bitex RAF12/12 hubs: 1459grams (campag) 1479grams (Shimano/SRAM)
  • LAZER SPOKES /Bitex RAF12/12 hubs: 1479grams (campag) 1499grams (Shimano/SRAM)
  • Advised Rider weights :  90kg 20/24 spoked version, 105kg 24/28 version

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Reviewer: Steve Smith from Tanderdy Garage, South Wales   5 Stars
Devil Ride Review: Wheels are taut and stable at all times – I was very confident in cornering and descending at speed. Braking – it was dry – is effective and simple to moderate. The Schwalbe tubeless tyres gripped so well – much better than the previous conti 4000 with inner tubes – and the comfort of the ride was markedly better. I have genuinely been surprised at the difference the new wheels and tyres have made to the confidence I have in the bike – and straight from the off – and the improvement in the ride in terms of rolling over the rough parts of the road rather than crashing through the bumps. I was on the point of leaving the mavic wheels on my bike as the great number of informed views on alternatives I was receiving served really only to confuse. Your straight forward approach appealed and your advice has provided me with a much improved riding experience. The service provided has been as it should – excellent! Thank you. Top Banana! Went a little off piste today due to missing signs - not the fault of the organisers – so after 112 miles and 3000 meters of ascent in 23+ C temperatures I am going to collapse into bed!! Cheers for the wheels and the fun emails/texts

Reviewer: Stephen McClemont from Cheltenham   5 Stars
Great wheels.....buy some! Why? I bought a pair of these as a spare wheelset so I don't have to run my expensive carbon hoops (Sagan's wheels of choice apparently!) all summer. Andy's wheels are as good in virtually all aspects.....smooth, solid, great in cross winds, lovely handling. Where they differ is they are faster! All things being as equal as I can make them these wheels are consistently 1-2 kmh faster, if only Sagan had know he might have had that rainbow jersey sooner😀. The other difference is they are about a third of the price. Free speed....it doesn't get any better!

Reviewer: Stuart McKie from La Herradura Spain   5 Stars
After a couple of rides bedding in I took these wheels for their first major spin this June on the La Indomable sportive covering 200kms and 4000metres of climbing. All in all these wheels showed no flex when jumping on the pedals, spun up to speed smoothly and gave a reassuring braking responsiveness, particularly when your hitting 50+ kms an hour on hairpin descents. I would certainly recommend these if your looking for a bomb proof reasonably light wheel, particularly at this price.